I have a feeling now that the Fed rate hike madness seems to have faded slightly the fear-mongers will begin with the Brexit issue. In addition, we have the labor report on Friday to contend with as well. Last week was a pretty good week in tech land.

The Nasdaq finished up 164 points or 3.7%, the Dow was higher by 372 points or 2.1% and the S&P climbed 47 points or 2.3%. Despite the stellar performance on the week, the Nasdaq is still slightly in the red for the week. Our portfolio had a great week as most of the holdings in our jaysomaney.com model account ended the week much higher.

Google was higher by $26, Apple gained just under $5, Alibaba was up $2 and change, Baidu was up $15 and Netflix tacked on almost $11. Our 500 share of Netflix were called away at $100 per share as a result of my selling the weekly calls short the prior week, however I made 2 separate intra-week additions to July Netflix calls. Pretty much the same strategy I followed with Apple in anticipation of the shares being called away. Our put sale on AMZN expired with us just walking away with the cash however, the shares were not put on us since they ended higher than the strike. Cest la vie. We are extremely cash rich in the jaysomaney.com account (not the best use of the money given the current interest rate environment) at the moment and I am looking hard to find a home or homes for that money. Next week on the earnings front, we will have Workday and Tivo on Tuesday, BOX on Wednesday, CIEN, AMBA and AVGO on Thursday. I am long the last two in my hedge fund and most of the individually managed accounts.

Let's see if we get an opportunity to take a swing at a couple next week, good guy side or dark. Check the jaysomaney.com model to see exactly how outstanding our week was. I hope each and every one of you had an equally profitable week as the jaysomaney.com account did.

If you did, congrats, if not, don't fret it because there will always be plenty of opportunities going forward. Enjoy the rest of the Holiday weekend.

A great week for us despite the overall rough outing as far as the indices go and the markets continue to exhibit increasing volatility given the constant conflicting statement from our Federal Reserve and also due to global geo-political and economic malaise.

However, our portfolio had a great week like I said at the onset and we finished up almost $6000 for the week. Our Apple shares did get called away at the close on Friday but I had bought calls on Thursday anticipating those shares being called

I have been looking to establish an Amazon position so I sold another put expiring this coming Friday. That way, if we don't end up with Amazon shares in our portfolio, at least we are generating income for ourselves. We made some additions to our portfolio last week and I invite you to check out the adds at jaysomaney.com

I expect another volatile week ahead, so be sure to come in to the chatroom every day. The more you participate (although you don't have to "speak" if you don't wish to) the more we all learn.

Our portfolio had a rough week last week but is still well ahead of our major indices however one compares the respective performance.

Our Chinese long positions continued to lose ground and Apple and Netflix continued their losing ways for the week as well. However, we have never focused on the short run but rather we look at ourselves from a year to year basis and that is where we tend to stand out.

Economic data released by the Chinese authorities overnight came in below expectations so there is a possibility that the worst for China might not yet be behind us.

In addition, companies here at home continue to drop the ball with miserable earnings reports which is adding to the uncertainty in global markets. Add in the cluelessness of our Federal Reserve, the summer lull, Brexit noise and overall pessimism, and the negative weekly return is fairly clear. I just wanted to take this opportunity to point out a couple of quickies. First, is I rarely make a trade based on how far a stock is down from where we might have entered because that could prove to be throwing good money after bad.

I usually prefer to see a turn and even if that means paying slightly more than what we could pay at the bottom so be it. I have never been good at picking the bottoms or tops for that matter. Where we make our money is at the sweet part which is off the middle and away from the top-the sweet spot. Picking bottoms and calling tops is for suckers. No one can do it and one shouldn't even dream of trying. Having said that, enjoy the rest of the weekend.

I will see you all bright and early Monday morning.

Good morning everyone. We finished another week with a couple of very good trades on CTSH and BABA which were up 65% and 75% respectively.

Congrats, if you were in on the trade with me last week. If you were not, no sweat, there are always trades in the market. Our Baidu call position hurt us last week after news came out that the authorities in China are investigating the company's search engine procedures. I expect the issue to be an overhang till the company releases a statement.

Of our three equity position, AAPL, NFLX and GOOGL, Apple ended down !% on the week but the decline was almost offset by our weekly call sales against the equity. NFLX and GOOGL ended the week up 0.5% and 2.4% respectively. Our portfolio was down slightly on the week, 0.5%, mostly due to our options position in Baidu.

I have an exciting game plan for next week based on what I expect will happen in our and other global markets in the coming week. I hope each and everyone of you are having a terrific weekend. See all of you bright and early Monday morning. Thank you all.

It was a mixed week for earnings in tech land and for the JS.com portfolio with Apple reporting truly horrendous numbers and then Facebook, Amazon and Baidu reporting strong numbers for the week.

We got called away on our Amazon position but we still made a very nice profit on that trade which net us $3,272 or 5.2% on the week. Our FB trade also gave us a healthy gain on the week of $3,250 (calls and puts before earnings).

I replaced the 100 shares of Amazon that we got called away on with 500 shares of Apple as of the close on Friday with an immediate call sales. Bought 500 shares of Apple at $93 per share average cost and sold the May 5 94.5 weeklies against those shares at a net credit of $0.89 per share.

IN techland, we have TSLA, BABA, PCLN, NVDA, FIT will be reporting earnings next week among a slew of other tech land companies. I will be looking for plays as they come to me.

The jaysomaney.com model portfolio is up 74.62% since inception, although the week was a difficult one for the same.

I hope you are enjoying you weekend and all the best in your trading next week and beyond.