Quite the eventful week went through with the Fed yet again (second week in a row) injecting massive uncertainty into the markets. This will more than likely continue this week with four Fed heads up and about making their divergent and totally confusing comments before we have the payroll data on Friday for August. This NFP data on Friday is the last one the Fed will see before the meeting at the end of September. I think the odds of a September rate hike are almost none although the Fed funds futures are predicting a 33% chance of a rate hike in September, up from 21% the day before Yellen's speech and a over 50% chance of a rate hike in December, also up from the 40% chance earlier.

Our portfolio gave back around 3.5% on the week as the mega cap companies we own (Google, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, et al) basically spun their wheels/declined slightly all week. I sold 500 FIT shares at prices north of $15 although I am looking to pick up more calls on the name. As far as additions I added to the call positions we own in Twilio and Apple and I anticipate we will see some opportunities to add more to the portfolio this week. Tesla continues to act weak and I have a decision to make there this week. It's a tiny position for us but still have to decide at some point and soon.

Our portfolio was down about 1% last week thanks to the yet again confusing messages sent out by the various U.S. Federal Presidents all of last week. The indices were completely unchanged for the week as well as investors paused to contemplate what the interest rate scenario is going forward. The world remains in easing mode while our Fed seems to have turned a bit hawkish yet again, sending the market mixed signals also yet again. On Friday this week, we will hear from Fed Boss Janet Yellen, who will be speaking from Jackson Hole and her comments could set the path for the markets going forward. We shall see.

Our Twilio shares were called away but thanks to the calls that I had bought in anticipation of the shares being called we are up almost $14,000 on that position. Meanwhile, Facebook, Amazon, Google continue to be sources of cash for traders and the hot money who are using the cash proceeds from those stocks to speculate in others. Notable moves this week were the Chinese names like Baidu, Sina and WB which continued moving higher while Alibaba and Netease pretty much flatlined on the week. I am going to be increasing our exposure to the China names since I expect them to perform well going into the year end.

Just a quick message for those of you who are new to the art of options investing. Keep it small and keep it tight as well. Do not worry about the size of your position, but instead focus on not taking undue risks to your capital. I try to keep the trades in the account to a manageable level where even if the trade goes bad and goes to zero, the overall impact is small as well. I strongly suggest those of you that are fairly new to options to do the same in your own portfolios as well. Just my advice to you. Take it or leave it.

Another week under our belt and another $18,500 up for the week for the account versus the Nasdaq which was mostly flat on the week as were the other two indices, the Dow and the S&P. Since inception, February 1, 2016, our account is now up 121% versus the Nasdaq which is up 13.4% in the same time frame. 

Techland earnings are now behind us and we have those companies that have off-quarter book closures reporting this week with Cisco on Wednesday after the market closes and Appliet Materials after the market closes on Thursday.

This week I plan to start slowly building our positions in mega-cap tech land and in the chip sector as well as we will soon enter the money season for these names but it will be slow additions and I am not going to be rushing into building positions. We have plenty of time going forward and like I always say, the markets always provide opportunity, it is up to us to see those opportunities and take advantage. 

Here is a link to a fantastic interview Apple CEO, Tim Cook gave the Washington Post. It's lengthy but worth the read in my opinion. 


I am going to keep it short and sweet this time around as our markets will be opening in less than 5 hours and I want to get some rest before we get ready for what should be another action packed week.

Overnight, the Chinese markets scampered ahead on seemingly no news of note continuing the rally from Friday afternoon there. The Shanghai Comp is up over 3% since Friday afternoon.

Another week has flown by and we ended up having another good week with our jaysomaney.com account up roughly $16k on the week. Since inception, February 1, the account is now up 102.5% versus the Nasdaq which is up 13.2% in the same time frame.

We are almost through with tech land earnings season now but still have a few stragglers left to report including Alibaba which will report on Thursday before the market opens. Here's the schedule for next week as far as important tech companies reporting:

On Monday we have Rackspace (RAX) after the close, Tuesday will bring us Yelp (YELP) , also after the closing bell, Thursday morning we will get a look at Alibaba's (BABA) numbers and Nvidia (NVDA) will report after the close that evening. 

We had a good week with FIT reporting a strong set of numbers and guidance was also optimistic but not overly so. Google, Amazon, Netflix and Apple continue to perform very well for us although Netflix was higher on Friday on the usual takeover chatter, this time Alibaba. I don't think that will happen so we could see some backtracking in Netflix come Monday. In addition, the dark-side keeps shorting and even bulls seems angry because they have been waiting for a correction to put money to use and the corrections that we have seen are very short-lived thus far which does not allow most people to get invested.

Very interesting times we are going through with all three indices at all-time highs, however if one looks back at the performance in the last 52 weeks the performance by the indices is not much to write home about. In fact we are only now reaching and slightly exceeding highs made back in 2000 as far as the Nasdaq goes.

We had another pretty good week with our jaysomaney.com account up about $14k on the week. Since inception, February 1, the account is now up 89.1% versus the Nasdaq which is up 11.9% in the same time frame.

Here's what we'll get from Techland in terms of earnings releases this coming week:

  • Electronic Arts (EA) , Etsy (ETSY) , FitBit (FIT) , Qorvo (QRVO) and Tableau Software (DATA) all plan to report after the bell on Tuesday.
  • Wednesday will bring us results after the close from GoDaddy (GDDY) , Square (SQ) , Tesla (TSLA) and TripAdvisor (TRIP) .
  • On Thursday, we'll get numbers from Activision Blizzard (ATVI) , Arista Networks(ANET) , FireEye (FEYE) , LinkedIn (LNKD) , Priceline (PCLN) , Take-Two (TTWO)TrueCar (TRUE) and Zillow (Z).

500 shares of our Netflix were called away due to my sale of covered calls on the position, leaving us with 500 shares in the account.

Also will hear from Dallas Fed Head Kaplan on Tuesday and Thursday and have July non-farm payrolls to contend with Friday before the open.

We had a pretty good week with our jaysomaney.com account up about $10k on the week. However, no time to rest as this coming week brings up right up into the meat of tech land earnings with the biggest of tech land reporting numbers. We have Apple reporting after the close on Tuesday, Facebook after the close on Wednesday and Amazon and Google after the close on Thursday.

Many other tech land companies will also report this week and these reports will more than likely set the tone for the overall indices' next move.