Oh, the Randomness of It All

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So, if FireEye's (FEYE) serial chief financial officer was not leaving for yet another CFO opportunity with yet another company, would the shares be up 7% instead of down?

Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn (LNKD), is wondering what more he has to do in order to please investors. His company beat estimates (critics say thanks to inorganic growth) and raised guidance (some say conservatively -- I say under-promise/over-deliver) going forward, but shares are still down about 10%.

Who in their right mind is buying Yelp (YELP) off its lows from a couple of days ago? If those buyers are betting on a takeover, riddle me this: Which company will pay $2 billion for a website? Actually, don't. Funny money will buy anything. Keep on buying, I guess, if that's what floats your boat.

Anyone notice that Netflix (NFLX) slowly but surely has been climbing and is now only 3% off its all-time high? Back to about $800 a share on a pre-split basis, which is about $100 higher pre-split than where it was when Carl Icahn issued his tweet heard 'round the world.

Anyone also notice that, slowly but surely, Apple (AAPL) is getting ready to go back to the lows it hit after results a couple weeks ago? Tim Cook also is wondering what he must do to please investors.

Coke (KO) wants its bottlers around the world to consolidate so that the company can lower its distribution and other costs. Hello, Coke? Ever hear of monopoly or oligopoly? Or is it the consumer be damned as long as we can lower our costs? Fewer distributors also means less competition, which means the consumer can get hosed, especially in countries where the government does not have strong anti-trust enforcement.

Why did Google (GOOGL) choose to quietly release the latest version of Google Glass?What is the reason for the veil?

Finally, of course, my weekend would not be complete without wondering what excitement the Chinese markets bring to our lives next week and what the Chinese authorities will do next to "restore" investor confidence? This week was highlighted by their cross-country/cross-border chase of suspected short sellers. I wait with great anticipation to see what they come up with next week.

With that, I bid all of you a happy and safe weekend.

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