Get Ready For Another Google Beat For The June Quarter

Remember the firestorm of controversy that was unleashed in the middle part of March when the Google/YouTube ad-related issue was being used as the most recent doom and gloom scenario and every perma-bears and all the kindly uncles were up and about talking about how it would be best if everyone sell their Google shares?

It got so intense and rabid for a while there that the shares dropped almost 5% in one week alone.

Most Wall Street analysts defended the shares back then and recommended that investors use the 5% slide as an entry point which was the right recommendation in hindsight. On the flip side, you had a few on the sell side that downgraded the shares and/or lowered their estimates going forward and price targets too boot as well.

Last week, Google/YouTube issued a post on its blog that clarified the ad change issue for creators and most importantly stated that "many advertisers have resumed their media campaigns on YouTube..."

More detail from the blow post is as follows, "In March we provided an update to changes were making to address advertiser concerns around where their advertisements are placed. Since then, weve held thousands of productive conversations with advertisers, and implemented additional controls to restore advertiser confidence. As a result, many advertisers have resumed their media campaigns on YouTube, leading creator revenue to return to a better and more stable state. We know that revenue fluctuations have been unsettling and want to reassure you that were working closely with our advertising partners to make sure that YouTube continues to be a great place for creators to earn money."

At the time of the ad-related controversy most analysts on Wall Street had lowered their estimates for the June quarter and some had even lowered for the September quarter.

Now that Google has provided a heads-up that many of the advertisers have returned, the question is whether investors will be able see the upside to current estimates when Google does report financial results for the June quarter at some point late next month?

In addition, those analysts that had lowered their estimates for the current quarter and the next will more than likely have to raise those numbers, if not in anticipation of June quarter results then in reaction to those results, once released.

After all it works both ways, doesn't it?

Just something to think about on a relaxing Sunday morning.

(Long google, long and short google options)

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