Jay Somaney

Fund Manager

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Jay Somaney is a partner and fund manager with TSG Capital Partners, a hedge fund based in Plano, Texas and currently is a featured writer for forbes.com and a contributor on seekingalpha.com. Jay Somaney has been managing The TSG Tech Fund, a hedge fund focused on the shares of companies involved in the Internet and related technology for the last 20 years.

Prior to that, Somaney worked on the sell side as a tech and telecom analyst. Before that, he was a fund manager and partner with SMS International, a hedge fund specializing in tech investments in the Far East (non-Japan).

Jay holds a Master''s in Business Administration from the University of Texas. Jay has been writing and making stock/options recommendations since the early days of the internet and has written articles for various financial websites like marketwatch.com, realmoney.com, streetinsight.com, street.com, bloomberg.com.

Jay has been quoted in most major financial newspapers across the world including The Wall Street Journal, Dallas Morning News San Antonio Journal, Austin Statesmen, Barron's, LA Times, Mercury News, Economic Times of India, Times of India.Jay was also Wall Street Journal's (California Edition) Tech stock analyst of the year in 1997.

Jay also currently is the founder of jaysomaney.com, a financial services site that focuses on specific trade recommendations via stocks and options in the tech, internet, IT and telecom sectors.